This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addicative chemical.

Lost Mary MO20000 Pro Disposable Vape Review

Lost Mary MO20000 PRO Disposable Vape is a new disposable vape from Lost Mary in 2024. It upgrades the puff counts and adds the big screen display function.
Lost Mary MO20000 Pro

The Lost Mary MO20000 PRO Disposable Vape has rapidly gained popularity among vape enthusiasts, and for good reason. This disposable device promises a sensationally refreshing vape experience, boasting a multitude of features and a wide variety of flavors designed to satisfy every palate.

What is Lost Mary MO20000 Pro Disposable vape?

The Lost Mary MO20000 PRO Disposable Vape is a new disposable vape from Lost Mary in 2024. MO20000 Pro is a high-capacity, user-friendly vaping device that provides up to 20000 puffs. It looks similar to its 5000 puffs disposable vape MO5000. It seems the same series, but upgrade the puff counts and add the big screen display function.


  • E-liquid Capacity: 18ml
  • Nicotine Level: 5% (50mg)
  • Coil: 0.9Ω Dual Mesh Coil
  • Core: Dual Core
  • Operation: Draw-Activated
  • Airflow: 3 Mode Options
  • Power Adjustment: Stepless, ranging from 13W to 25W
  • Puffs: Up to 20,000 puffs per device
  • Battery: 800mAh with fast charging via USB Type-C
  • Screen: MEGA HD Animation LED Screen
  • Technology: VPU Technology

Design and Appearance

The Lost Mary MO20000 PRO elevates the disposable vape game, blending the familiar elegance of its predecessors with groundbreaking enhancements. Key among these is its large display screen, a feature that sets the MO20000 PRO apart not just from the MO5000, but from the wider disposable vape market. This sophisticated addition not only enriches the aesthetic appeal but also significantly enhances user interaction, making it a standout feature.

Like its cousin, the MO5000, the MO20000 PRO boasts a cylindrical body with a unique hump design and comes in an array of vibrant, marbled colors.

Front Design

The device proudly displays the Lost Mary brand in bold, attention-grabbing lettering, with the flavor profile and MO20000 Pro model designation subtly placed. MO20000 Pro is close to the top, flavor profile is close to the bottom, showing a tasteful balance between brand presence and aesthetic appeal. The choice of typography colors—silver on certain editions—further enhances its overall elegance.

Screen side Design

This is the highlight of MO20000 Pro, the introduction of the large display screen adds a new dimension of functionality and flair. It is nearly a 70% screen. This screen displays critical vaping information, such as battery life, vaping watt data, and e-liquid capacity left, even the vaping time and flavor. Therefore, you can know your device’s situation. There is a watt adjust button under the screen. You can press it to adjust the vaping watt, it can adjust from 13W to 25W.

What I need to point out is that the info shown is like an animation. It doesn’t show all the information all together in one screen display. It is a styleful animation design. For example, activating the device will show you the battery life, vaping watt data, and e-liquid capacity left from top to low. Then you can adjust the watt with the button, it will change the vaping watt. After you vape it, it will show your vaping time and vapor produce animation, then return to show the battery life, vaping watt data, and e-liquid capacity.


The mouthpiece, in harmony with the device’s primary color, complements the overall aesthetic while allowing for a visual cue to the vapor production, thanks to its transparent finish.

Bottom Design

The device’s bottom houses an adjustable airflow part and a Type-C charging port. The device features a “CE” certification stamp and a “Do Not Dispose of” warning. And there is a “+” and a “-” beside the adjusted airflow to tip you just more or less airflow.

About the adjustable airflow part, three adjustable airflow holes allow users to customize the draw resistance. You can rotate a slider at the sidebar to adjust the size of the airflow holes:

  • Maximum Diameter: This setting provides the most open airflow, resulting in a less restrictive draw and a cooler vape.
  • Middle Setting: This is a balanced option, offering moderate airflow and a balanced draw that many users find ideal.
  • Smallest Hole: This setting provides the most restriction, leading to a tighter draw and potentially warmer vapor.

After adjusting, take a few puffs to see if the airflow meets your preference. You can fine-tune it until you achieve the desired draw resistance. While the lack of a protective cover for the charging port does necessitate keeping it away from water, this minor consideration is outweighed by the ease of recharging the device, ensuring it’s always ready when you are.

How to Use Lost Mary MO20000 Pro?

The Lost Mary MO20000 Pro is a popular and user-friendly disposable vape device. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. Unboxing: Carefully remove the Lost Mary MO20000 Pro from its packaging. Make sure all components are intact and there are no visible damages.
  2. Remove any safety seals or protective covers from the mouthpiece
  3. Simply take a gentle puff from the mouthpiece to activate the device.
  4. Inhale gently through the mouthpiece to vape it
  5. Adjust the Vaping Watt and Airflow. Screen touch to adjust the vaping Watt and adjust the airflow by rotating the airflow control ring to experiment with different settings to find the perfect balance of flavor and vapor production for you.
  6. Monitor Usage to know the e-liquid and battery capacity situation.
  7. Once the device no longer produces vapor, or the flavor becomes weak, the e-liquid may run out.
  8. Follow local regulations for disposing of electronic devices and batteries to ensure environmentally responsible disposal.


Upon using the Lost Mary MO20000 PRO, I was immediately struck by its exceptional flavor delivery. Each puff is a rich, layered experience, capturing the essence of the chosen flavor with remarkable fidelity. Whether it’s the tangy zest of Lemon Tart or the cooling caress of Mint Ice, the flavors are vivid and immersive.

The device’s mouth-to-lung draw is finely tuned, offering just the right amount of resistance to mimic the feel of a traditional cigarette while providing a satisfying cloud of vapor. The vapor production is impressive, with each exhale producing a dense, flavorful cloud that makes every puff an experience to savor.

Vaping at higher wattages can intensify the throat hit by producing warmer vapor. Lower wattages produce a milder throat hit, which might be preferred by those who enjoy a smoother vape. Experiment with settings between 18 to 25 watts to find your sweet spot. I always got a better vaping experience at this zone for every flavor.

Tips for Optimizing Throat Hit for Disposable Vape:

1. Start Low, Go High: Begin with a lower wattage and gradually increase it until you reach the desired throat hit.
2. Adjust Airflow Gradually: Start with a more open airflow and gradually restrict it to adjust the throat hit.

Battery Life & Charging

One of the most significant advantages of the MO20000 PRO is its robust battery life, 800mAh. It is great power to support the extensive puff capacity and better vaping experience. Its capacity to last over several days without needing a recharge, even with heavy use, is a testament to its design and efficiency. The large display plays a crucial role here, allowing users to easily monitor their battery status and plan recharges accordingly, minimizing downtime. When the time does come to recharge, the process is quick and simple, making downtime minimal.

Puff count

The official vape puff is 20K, but only 18ml e-liquid. Every data refer.
The real puff is up to your vaping habit. Length and frequency of your inhale, higher wattage settings, and more open airflow might consume e-liquid faster, potentially reducing the total number of puffs. For one device, I used it with deep inhales with nearly 20W and middle airflow, nearly for 2 weeks use. (400-500 puffs a day)

Available Flavors

One of the standout features of the Lost Mary MO20000 PRO is its extensive flavor selection.

  • Blue Baja Splash
  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Dragon Drink
  • Lime Grapefruit
  • Mango Twist
  • Miami Mint
  • Peach+
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Rocket Popsicle
  • Sour Apple Ice
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Tropical Punch
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Watermelon Sour Peach

Each flavor is crafted to deliver a distinct and enjoyable vaping experience, catering to both fruit lovers and those who prefer a hint of mint or icy coolness. I will share our vaping experience with some flavors in another article. Please wait and see.

Pros and Cons of the Lost Mary MO20000 Pro


1. High puff count (up to 20,000 puffs)
2. Large e-liquid capacity (18ml)
3. Adjustable airflow control
4. Variable wattage (13 to 25 watts)
5. Dual mesh coil for consistent flavor and vapor production
6. User-friendly one-button operation
7. Digital screen displaying essential information
8. Wide variety of flavors


1. No screen lock feature
2. Bulkier size affecting portability
3. Fixed nicotine strength options: only 5% nicotine option
4. Mixed feedback on certain flavors


The Lost Mary MO20000 PRO Disposable Vape is a top-tier product in the vaping market, combining advanced technology, user-friendly features, and an impressive flavor lineup. Its high puff count, excellent battery life, and ease of use make it a preferred choice for vapers seeking quality and convenience.

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or someone looking to elevate your vaping experience, the MO20000 PRO is undoubtedly a device worth considering.


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